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The Brooklyn native grew up singing in his father's church. He gave new meaning to the term "triple threat" when this successful track star qualified for the Olympic games, attended the prestigious Parson School of Design on a full art scholarship and then  decided to focus on his musical talent for his chosen career. Lillo  started as an in demand background vocalist for artists like , George Benson and Melba Moore. An accomplished songwriter as well,  Lillo wrote Melba Moore's hit single "Mind Up Tonight". That led him to his recording contract with Capitol Records. Lillo went on the have 3 successful albums on Capitol. His debut single with the pulsating groove "You're a Good Girl" became the anthem for  all the good girls . "I'm In Love", "Sexy Girl" and the melodic foreplay of "Wanna Make Love" were all Top 10 R&B singles.

Lillo toured nationally and internationally with key markets being the UK and Brazil.

As the music industry started to change , Lillo a successful entrepreneur, took some time off from releasing music to work on his business development ventures. In 2010 he released a cd of new music , followed by his "Greatest Hits"  which continues to be a top streamed album on iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms. He also continued to tour in the US and UK . Lillo dropped the single "Drinkin" which he wrote and produced in late 2019. With 18 months of quarantine and the rise of Virtual Clubs and parties , there has been a massive resurgence of Lillo's early music lead by "Good Girl" . That time of lockdown and reflection left Lillo with valuable time to write and work on new music that blends his classic R&B flavor , sensual ballads  as well as some tracks that express new reflections and observations. With the return of quality in vocals and melodic storytelling in R&B music , he is about to return to the soundwaves. New music coming in July along with a long awaited album of Lillo's classic  "Slow Jams" 

There are many talented singers out there, but Lillo's unique voice and vocal styling is what separates him form the rest . Once heard, like a haunting memory of a familiar fragrance, you know it's Lillo

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